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broken thumb

I broke my thumb, what a bum. Advertisements

To do’s

This weekend is going to be all about “to doing” 1. buy large new sketch book or pad of paper 2. take an assortment of photos for portraits 3. sort through art material and find out what I need buy eraser? assortment of pencils? 4. start taking photos for rainbow project

art of painting

The first self portrait I did, I really liked the style of it. But now I am faltering, I don’t know how to get that energy back, or that style… I started painting another piece but it doesn’t look good. I think what I need to do is buy a large sketch book and start … Continue reading

Portrait 1 of Series

Here is the first self portrait of the series. I can’t really say it looks much like me, but I do enjoy the style that is emerging from the piece. I am interested in seeing the progress that I make through out this series. I am thinking that I should do some touch ups to … Continue reading

Rainbow Portrait Project

So I will need to take 700 portrait photos, which will make 100 photos for each colour of the rainbow.

Self Portrait Series

Currently, I have started the “Self Portrait” series, and I have completed one piece so far, which I will have to post once I have a quality image of it. The piece looks similar to Picasso’s piece above. ¬†Tonight I am going to start another piece, me wearing a black leather/fur coat. Right now I … Continue reading

Rainbow Portrait

When I decided to start really getting serious about painting again, I turned to myself as to be my own muse. Mostly because it would be the cheapest route to go but also because it is the easiest. And most importantly it would enable me to make a connection with my own self and to … Continue reading